Discovering Ottawa: Hogs Back Park

Hog's BackNature, weather permitting, is always the first draw for us when travelling.  After a lunch in Lansdowne, we decided to visit Hog’s Back Park and see the falls.

Located in Ottawa, along the Rideau river, Hog’s Back Park offers lots of free parking and appears to be a popular spot.   While there are plenty of handicapped spots, the path itself is steep, and the closest lookout to the parking lot is paved with uneven stones, making it difficult to maneuver with a walker.   The view, however, is well worth the effort.

duck napsHuge rock formations jut in and out of the water’s path, with several waterfalls contributing to the rush.  From where we stood, high atop the flow, we spotted several groups of black ducks enjoying the area.  While many bobbed up and down in the water, some found flat spots on the rock to nap.
hunched heronIn a deeper crevice, a Great Blue Heron, readied himself for the hunt, taking time out to preen himself.  We moved to the next lookout downstream in order to get a better shot of him.

The paths continued alongside the river on either side of the falls, and I walked for a bit, but my legs weren’t up to the many hills.

Hog's Back Park rocks_treesTree lined walkways, areas to sit and enjoy the view, and a pavilion that offers restrooms make this an alluring spot.   Despite the beauty of this place, and signs posted regularly discouraging litter, it was easy to spot discarded cans and food wrappers shoved beneath the bushes, which I found to be disappointing.  Still it was worth the stop.

For more on the construction of the damn at Hog’s Back, click here.



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