Chapter’s End

We are coming to the end of a chapter. After careful consideration of finances and health issues, we’ve decided that our focus needs to shift away from travel to other matters.

There is no doubt that last year’s adventure helped improve my health, however; it was more a step up (or out of bed, in my case) and not a long-term solution. As this disease is wont to do, it fluctuates, and I can no longer deny that I am slipping backwards. I’ve spent most of the day in bed, and I know that the need to fight off depression is real.

“Let’s go for a drive and catch the sunset,” I suggest to Ric as we finish up our supper. Glancing out the window to ensure there is time, he agrees and we grab our cameras.

We pass several other motorists, pulled over at the side of the road, doing the same thing, but I urge Ric on, wanting to get back to Indian Point Park where the bridge spans the bay with Corpus Christi as a background.

He parks and I glance around, spotting the Black-Crowned Night-Heron in its usual perch. Its colour is so much more vivid in this light, and although it is hunkered in as if sleeping, I know it will be waking soon to prowl.

A loud, woodsy croak alerts me to a Great Blue Heron passing overhead, drawing my focus back to the water’s edge where it has landed. The sun is quickly slipping below the horizon and so I return to the intended task.

One last bird catches my attention as we exit the park – a late forager, like myself, hoping for the final catch of the day.

Next step: prepare the motor home for sale. Know anyone who wants to buy one, still warm with the memories of the past two years?

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

21 thoughts on “Chapter’s End

  1. Sometimes we just know when it’s time. What great adventures you have been on! Those can never be taken from you!I bet you’ve got a ton of photographs that you can still write about and travel through. Explore all that is nearby…often the best is right within our home area. I’ll look forward to hearing about your new adventures! Maybe a book of photos and poems with your name on the cover is in your future! 😉

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  2. It sounds like you guys have taken everything into consideration, and you know what’s best for you. I’m sorry to hear you feel you’re slipping backwards right now. Chronic illness has a way of just slapping us in the face sometimes, doesn’t it? Are you guys heading home right away, or are you going to spend a little more time down where it’s warm? Wishing you all the best with your return home, sale of your motor home, and of course more than anything, with your health. Sending hugs sweet friend!

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  3. This must have been such a difficult decision. A brave move. Illness and depression are a tough combo to fight. And live with. I hope your next chapter brings what you want and need.
    Beautiful photographs as always 🙂

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  4. V.J. sorry to hear that your travel is coming to an end. I sense in you a strength that comes through all the blows you have endured. I hope your creative outlets will take you on further journeys; as adventure comes in all forms, no matter where life settles.

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  5. V.J. I am sorry to hear your adventure on wheels is coming to an end. I hope the future holds many more adventures to nourish your creative spirit and continue your exploration through words, photos and art of this world of ours. You need to do what’s best for you! With hugs…

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  6. Oh, VJ – what highs and lows you have shared in the course of your “bedroom on wheels” adventure. I am sad that it’s not forever – but, truly, everything is always changing. You and Ric seem adept at making change into adventure.

    And I am confident you will continue to observe/share scenes from your whereabouts (physical and emotional). Writer and painter not confined to any physical realm.

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