An Upside Down World

Two things happened this week, that sent me into a spiral of despondency. Two postings, actually, by people I consider friends. It’s not that I believe we should all share the same opinions, it’s that I would hope we are open to discussion. I guess, in retrospect, I am an idealist – I want the world to get along, I want us all to live in harmony.

Both were memes, with a political bent, the messages aimed at creating fear and dissidence. I won’t get into the specifics, but I will say this – I too have been guilty of aligning myself with platitudes and it doesn’t work – the complexities of life cannot be contained in smug one-liners. But harm can be done.

Among the many things that the Trump presidency has stirred up, hatred is the most frightening. It is born of ignorance, blame, and often, a sense of lack of control. It turns us into polarized, impenetrable forces of righteousness. No one wins.

Both postings struck close to home for me, and I’m not sure what to do about it. The world, it feels, is upside down right now. I hope we all gain greater perspective and a renewal of compassion as a result, but I fear this is just me being idealistic again.


The focus this week has been ‘upside-down’, a prompt that has inspired many photographic responses as well as some amusing, and thought-provoking poems. Please take a moment to peruse and comment on the contributions from our community. Your participation is always greatly appreciated.

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If I missed someone, please let me know.

See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

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14 thoughts on “An Upside Down World

  1. That’s one of the reasons I got off Facebook…and that was before Trump. I imagine it’s even worse now. So much of social media and the news is flinch worthy. And when it can affect your kids, double whammy. I agree especially about loss of control being a contributing factor to the extreme reactions to DJT.
    However, he won’t be front and center for as long as my friends will be around. At least that’s the hope. In the meantime it is hurtful and confusing. And at times feels like I’m back in junior high, but worse.
    Yes! I wish more people could just agree to disagree. Idealism is a good thing. Life is short.

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    1. Facebook is definitely the worst. I quit it for a while, but have a sister who will only connect with me there (go figure), so I restarted. Guess I need to toughen up my social media skin end not take it personally.

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  2. You know, I often lament to my husband that as a society, we seem to have lost the ability to “agree to disagree.” Just a decade or two ago, we could talk with someone with whom we didn’t agree, discuss our views on a given subject, and then just agree to disagree. We didn’t feel any differently about the person we were talking to if they didn’t agree with us, we didn’t talk with the need to be right, we just discussed things civilly and realized that not everyone sees things through the same lens or life experience and therefore, not all people are going to agree with one another. I personally don’t believe that all this has only started in these past couple of years. I think we’ve been steadily marching towards it for a long time, but like you, I believe we should be able to live in harmony. It breaks my heart to see such division and hatred that people feel “you either agree with me or you’re my enemy.” Let’s continue to be idealistic and believe that we CAN become a people of compassion and civility again, sweet friend!

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    1. I always know you will have something comforting to say, Terri. You are right, I have a longtime friend whose opinion on certain issues is diametrically opposed to mine. We honour that in each other – the right to have differences of opinion, and neither one of us have ever attempted to sway the other off their track either. I guess if social media had done one thing, it has given us the form to be mindlessly smug without honour.

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      1. I agree with you. Social Media really is a two-edged sword. It’s a wonderful way for us to connect, stay connected or re-connect with people, but as you said, it also allows us to “be mindlessly smug without honor.” It seems the anonymity of the internet encourages us to speak before we think sometimes and very often completely forego good manners and respect. I know what you mean about your friend – I have several friends with opinions that are different from mine, but I think that just makes the world more interesting. I sure wouldn’t want everyone to be just like me. 😁 Sending hugs your way!

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  3. Social Media is really frustrating sometimes. I have several friends who post things as well. A few weeks back, I found myself very much in the place you’re describing..hard to sleep…this is what I decided…. I scroll past them. I do try to find credible sources…(which are hard to find these days) and try to listen to speeches etc., that comes from the President himself and others in office. I find enough disappointment and sadness in words that come directly from their mouths sometimes, I don’t need to read someones interpretation of all that’s going on.

    Trump has laid a lot of things on the table that have been mumbled and rumbled about for decades….it has caused chaos and unrest…I pray we survive it all.

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    1. Me too. I attended a gathering last night and came away upset by some of the language used – talking about people as if they are subsets of society. We have a long way to go as humans before we can call ourselves civilized. Thanks for your understanding

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  4. I’m with you on wanting people to respect one another’s perspectives. Maybe I’m rationalizing, but it helps me to consider that forwarding memes may be less hatred than word/image play. A game to play. Pick a side to join and cheer for. I don’t take political tension lightly – it’s not a game to me, but I suspect it is to many.

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