Framing Moments

“I’m going no matter what!”

Two nights of no sleep has made me even more determined to live life, so I shower, fuss with my hair, and even put on makeup. Clothes are not comfortable right now, so I choose a skirt made from cotton t-shirt material and dress it up with a blouse, and some stand-out jewelry. I haven’t looked so good in years.

“I’m taking my camera, and I want you to get some pictures of me for a change.” Usually I hate having my picture taken, but today I am feeling vengeful (against disease).

On our way we pass a horse farm where new colts are staying close to their mothers’ sides. Ric pulls over so I can get some pictures. Later, I’ll delight my mother with the images. She loves horses, and tells me stories from the farm.

After a visit with Mom, we continue on to meet with some of our kids and grandkids. My daughter has ordered Thai food, my favourite, and they even have gluten-free dessert for me.

Armed with bundles of Mother’s Day flowers, I return home, heart bursting, and lots of joyful moments to carry through this in-between time.


Our focus this week was ‘in-between‘ and as always the contributions were inspiring, thoughtful, and creative. Thanks to all!

Seems WP is not letting me add individual links, so I’ll refer you back to the original post (linked above – fingers crossed). Apart from the guest links, there are also many warm thoughts in the comments worth reading.

See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

26 thoughts on “Framing Moments

  1. You look fabulous V.J.! I’m glad you had such a great day and got to spend it with your loved ones. Even if you ended up in pain afterward, I’m sure you felt every minute was worth it. Sometimes we just have to decide we’re willing to suffer the consequences in order to do the things we love and press on. I hope you did well through it, though, and that you’ve finally gotten some sleep.

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