V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #61: recovery

Surgery behind us, we shift to recovery mode – he gingerly navigating the days of healing, while I try to brush off the cobwebs of exhaustion.

As relief washes away the dregs of worry, I am still trying to sort out my emotions. Ric’s condition is black and white – a blockage requiring opening. Problem solved. Meanwhile, I just finished yet another round of antibiotics for an infection they can neither pinpoint nor explain away. I remain in medical limbo.

I chose the word recovery for today’s challenge not just because of our current situation, but also because it has been a word I’ve carried with me for years, contemplating it’s full meaning. I have a file in which I store poetry, entitled “self recovery”.

What does it mean to recover? What would full recovery look like, and is there such a thing? Recover from what?

I turn to you, dear fellow bloggers, for your guiding inspiration. Help me shake this lassitude with your creative words of wisdom, music, or images.

Look forward to your responses.

To participate, create a post on the theme, and then link back here. You can tag it with VJWC.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

46 thoughts on “V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #61: recovery

  1. I clicked send too soon…. Glad to hear Ric’s doing well; so typical that the man gets the black and white, relatively easy “fix”, while you, the indomitable wise-woman remain in medical limbo. I’m frustrated and impatient FOR you.

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      1. I relate to depressing and frustrating…I don’t suppose it would help to stomp your feet, have a little tantrum? I used to think being an enigma was attractive–but now I think I romanticized the term. If a Dr says that, it can’t be very helpful.

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      2. Seriously!!! I ran into similar frustration and added despair when my depression was finally dismissed–as though I was malingering, seeking attention, and the worst one, “didn’t really want to get well”. My dream, hope, is that one day people suffering clinical/chronic depression are accorded more respect. It’s not just a bad mood, and I’m not holding onto it for some perverse satisfaction…

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      3. Exactly! I am happy if they tell me they don’t have the answers, but I hate the “professionals” who try to put it back on me to cover up their inadequacy.


      4. Exaclamente!!! It’s even worse if you go see a “Christian” counselor…depression is surely my fault for some unconfessed sin. That was a long time ago though–hopefully they’ve woken up by now (but I’m not going to make an appt to see one to find out, hah!).

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  2. Happy to hear that Ric is on the mend. Hope there are answers forthcoming for your medical limbo to ease the emotional exhaustion. Happy that your challenge is back. šŸ™‚


  3. I will ponder this one as I am almost healed from my broken wrists but my husband, trying to avoid surgery bounces back and forth between good days and days of pain. I am glad your husband is on the road to recovery. I hope the antibiotics do the trick for you, V.J. The unknown can cause anxiety – so I send wishes for calm and healing to you through the cosmos.

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