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RV-Able: A Question of Wellness

“I had lunch with some of your old colleagues yesterday and we were talking about you.” Never a good start to a conversation when your relationship to the mentioned parties ended the day you stopped working. “Oh, who?” The people mentioned are acquaintances, only one actually worked with me and […]


My living room has beautiful big picture windows facing two directions, allotting me a full view of the neighbour’s front gardens to the north, and the constant comings and goings  on the  street in front of the house.  Lying on the couch with my morning cup of tea is how […]

RV-Able: Creating a Home

Gone are the wooden window valances draped in heavy material of sage green and burnt orange.  Gone are the matching upholstered dining chairs and the butterfly table.  Gone is the small J-couch that once blocked the large picture windows on the passenger’s side of the coach.  We are renovating. Since […]

Distraught? Pause

Yesterday, I was ready to give up – on everything.  I was convinced that my husband’s distraction meant he didn’t love me and that our marriage was coming to an end.  I  panicked to think that we are planning to leave home and I will be cut off from family.  […]

Stumbling Start

“How do you feel about everything that is happening?”  my therapist asked me, last visit.  “Good,”  I responded, without hesitation.  “I feel as if I’m breaking down barriers:  embracing life and possibility, despite my illness.” Yesterday, I promised to rest, but there were boxes in the way, and nowhere to […]

What Does It Take To Belong?

We roll into our new neighbourhood cautiously guided by an old-timer, who after we finally manage to maneuver into our RV site, introduces himself as Graham. “Been here since the park first opened,”  he beams and then proceeds to point to each of the other trailers and run down who’s […]

Body Talks

Listen to your body. Glib advice, especially if ignoring the body is habitual, and compliance is not listed as  a character trait. What would my body have to say, I wonder. My legs, stiff and inflexible, lumbering along like Frankenstein; are they telling me to put them up, resign myself […]


Spas are meant to be luxurious: relaxation sublime.   My daughter planned on it when she booked us into a top-rated facility for a morning of pampering. My daughter doesn’t have mobility issues.  It wasn’t her inner bitch that threatened to spoil the day. Should have known there’d be a problem […]

Horizontal Champion

Sleeping in was a sin in my father’s eyes.  Even as a teenager, no matter how late we’d been out the night before, if we weren’t up with the sun, Dad would treat us to an icy face wash. The early bird catches the worm! Laziness was not tolerated either.  […]

Time To Press Reset

Even when illness is chronic there is a tendency to look for signs and hope of healing.  It catches me every time : the false hope that I may have turned a corner. Undeniably, there is progress.  Last night I was able to bathe alone without worry of falling or passing […]