RV-Able: Creating a Home

th-1Gone are the wooden window valances draped in heavy material of sage green and burnt orange.  Gone are the matching upholstered dining chairs and the butterfly table.  Gone is the small J-couch that once blocked the large picture windows on the passenger’s side of the coach.  We are renovating.

Since July 31st, we have been officially living in our motor home, Hoo Gnu.  She offers 450 square feet of space and it has taken some maneuvering to figure out where everything will fit (and culling what doesn’t) and now we are focused on making it home.

th-2While we have no regrets about downsizing (yet again), it is not without its challenges:  Ric still works from home and I continue to be home bound with ME/CFS, so creating a space that suits both our needs has been our main consideration.  A small desk from Wayfair makes a great working space for Ric, and an ottoman with built in storage has become his file system.  As the majority of my day is spent in bed, I am not underfoot, but there is comfortable seating for me in the main area as well.

We want our home to reflect to our esthetics – simple, comfortable, and welcoming.

Painting over the old, dated wallpaper has not only brightened the place up, but also help us identify areas of potential damage from water, initiating some repairs.  Hoo Gnu is ten years old, so some of this is expected.IMG_0025

Today, we are having new blinds installed, something I am positively thrilled about, the old ones being difficult to maneuver for my weak muscles.

We haven’t hit the road yet – have been parked in an RV site close to the city for six months – and already the benefits of this lifestyle are apparent:  a) we are debt free; b) there is little to no yard maintenance here; c) we have eliminated most of our clutter, and; d) the small space is more manageable for my body.

Plans are in the works to head out mid November.


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

4 thoughts on “RV-Able: Creating a Home

      1. old and tired and rv-less. 😦 no worries though, what i really need is a boat! or a spaceship. or a tardis.

        when i was a kid i thought an rv was like the best idea in the world. well, that plus ferries. i should get a ferry, that would be awesome.

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