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Candid Beauty

I took this candid photo of my daughter-in-law on the night of her wedding celebration – just a quick image with my Iphone.  I feel like it captures her sweetness and genuine beauty. (Photo prompt from The Daily Post:  2107 Favourite) Advertisements

RV-Able: Misses and Gains

FaceTime, phone calls and videos exchanged cannot replace in-person chats and hugs, especially when the recipients are grandchildren.  I miss chasing eighteen-month-old Auggie around the house, or cuddling with Sloane to “watch something”, or exploring the million why’s of Finn.  I miss my grown children, family and friends whom I […]

RV-Able: Loving San Antonio

“No guarantee about this RV park,” Ric said as we pulled off the highway and entered the spaghetti bowl of roadways into San Antonio. Bit by bit we moved off the main thoroughfares onto city streets, and as we did the landscape changed drastically.  Abandoned buildings with overgrown lots popped […]

Five Year Review

November 16, 2012, I penned: Cancer, it turns out, it is a powerful proponent of simplicity. Faced with uncertainty, one is forced to examine the complexities of life and cull. Our lives are reduced to three priorities: – Making healthy choices – Caring for relationships – Reducing financial burden. Necessity […]

RV-Able: Backed Up

It is literally days from departure, and the preparations have been, as they say, mighty.  Yesterday, we finished off some business with the bank, picked up something for my Mom and had a farewell dinner with my sister.  We were not able to complete all the tasks we’d set for […]

The Eyes Say It All

I put down the cellphone and glanced to see my husband seething across the table. “I can’t believe you answered that during dinner!” “I thought it was important,” I pleaded for forgiveness.  It hadn’t been important, a social call from my sister.  “Sorry.”  We were dining out; I don’t know […]

RV-Able: Flexibility Required

“I’d like to be on the road by 10:00 am,” Ric told me the night before our five and half month stay at the beach trailer park ended.  “There are high wind warnings for tomorrow afternoon, so we should be at our destination before they hit.” I had pushed myself […]

Blessing Of Interracial Union

“What’s her name?” “I can’t tell you.” “What?  Why not?  Do I know her?” “No, Mom.  If I tell you her name, you’ll ask too many questions that I’m not ready to answer yet.” “Oh.” “A son is sweetness and strength and mystery;” Call it Mother’s intuition, but I could […]

Distraught? Pause

Yesterday, I was ready to give up – on everything.  I was convinced that my husband’s distraction meant he didn’t love me and that our marriage was coming to an end.  I  panicked to think that we are planning to leave home and I will be cut off from family.  […]