Dream Offerings: New Perspectives

Dear Friend,

I saw you in my dream; you were across the street and I caught myself hesitating – should I wave, acknowledge you, or keep on going?  Then you headed towards me, crossing what is now more a river than a street, there is so much water that has passed between us.  You gave everything to me, and what did I give in return – this is the source of my guilt.  You believed in me, and I feel as if I used you.

You could have walked right on by, and I would understand, but you didn’t.  You acknowledged me, then and now, as if you have faith in where I am going (I don’t even know where I’m going).  You told me to make myself public, to register with an accredited organization.

How is it that you could put yourself out for me, again?  Is it that you see something in me that I cannot?

I feel like I am pregnant, about to give birth to something, need to put safety measures in place, need to be embraced in the way that will support my labour – you know, that inevitable trial before success.  I have always been good about helping others fulfill their dreams, but not so much for myself.  This time though, it feels as if this one is for me:  my child.


Dear Dreamer,

I saw you across the street, looking sorrowful, hesitant.  I hoped it wasn’t on my behalf.  We had so many good times together and I learned a lot during those years we were so close.  I know things ended abruptly, but it had nothing to do with you – sometimes life turns corners.  It was time for me to make a change.

I crossed the street because I wanted to tell you not to give up on yourself.  I think that the work that you did was useful and if you can connect with a more established environment, I think you can be successful.  I helped you because I believe in you.

We each have a gift,  you once taught me, and to hold that gift back from the world is arrogance.   I pursued my dream, with your encouragement; I hope you are following yours.

           Wishing You Well,
An old friend

Dear Unborn Child,

I do not know when, or how you were conceived, I just dreamed that your time is drawing near.  How can I prepare myself for you?  What blessings, challenges will you bring?  I have raised my children; am greeting grandchildren now, so I know that you are metaphorical; but as I spend most of my days confined to home,  disabled, I cannot possibly imagine what I might be giving birth to.  What can you tell me about yourself?  What message do you bring?

                                                                Curiously Yours,

Dear Dreamer,

Your life has not been a barren field; many seeds have been planted along the way, and while you may feel that success is an accidental phenomena in your case, this in not so.  In the stillness of your disability, your mind and spirit have had opportunity for renewal.   Renewal begets new life.  There is no reason to go it alone, to be a martyr for others, or give up on your dreams.  They are very much alive within you, and indeed growing.

We both acknowledge that I am metaphorical, but my arrival will not be without pain, although you and I are accustomed to pain – have known sorrows and rejection – and gained faith in the ultimate outcome, so; be confident.

What is important now is to give up reign over the lives of others (stop feeling responsible for their happiness) and focus on what gives you joy.  Feed your passion and watch it bloom.  Nurture the potential that is flourishing inside.

I am here, inside you, and as you heed my presence, so shall I grow.

In loving kindness,
Unborn Child.

Note:  Dreams offer us alternative ways to view our life issues, whether it be an opportunity to let go of guilt, or a reminder that there is always more to be experienced/accomplished.  Creativity is the key to unlocking the messages of the dream time.  It is advised that when working with dreams, always look for growth and positive development.  Sometimes a shift in perspective is all that is need for healing to begin.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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