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Media: A Child’s Perpective

“Can we watch something?”  My four-year-old granddaughter climbs onto the bed and snuggles in.  It’s been a routine we’ve shared as long as I’ve been ill.

The question makes her parents cringe; they are trying hard to raise their child without excessive screen time.  Cable TV does not exist in their world, so coming to Grandma’s makes it special.img_1948

“Why do you love watching ‘something’ so much?” I asked Sloane this morning as she crawled into my bed after a sleepover and asked me to turn the TV on.  Her answer was swift and surprising:

“Because I get to decide who I want to be.”

“You mean you watch the characters and pick the ones you want to act like.”

“Yes.  Now can we watch something?”



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V.J. Knutson

Writer, avid reader, former educator, and proud grandmother, currently experiencing life through the lens of ME/CFS. Words are, and always have been, a lifeline. Some of the best adventures, I'm discovering, take place in the imagination.

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