Staging Challenges

Wedged between one satisfactorily completed task and an overload of unfinished chores, I am a mess.

We have decided to sell the house, and on the advice of stagers, are tearing everything apart, sorting into three piles:  garbage, Goodwill, and keep/store.  Purging, we are discovering, is exhausting.

In order to do some touch up paint jobs, Ric left me at the RV alone last week.  We’ve parked it at the lake for the summer season, and the solitude is welcoming.  Except that I woke up with severe pain in my left jaw on Monday morning, and after getting up and having something to eat, I started to feel very peculiar – sweating, nausea, and a strange dizziness that felt like the ground was sucking me in.  I called 9-1-1.  Crisis passed, and remaining a mystery (heart checked out okay), I returned home at the  doctor’s suggestion.

Sunday, the kids came by to help out.  At one point, I brought out freezies, and two bites into mine realized I was having a reaction – the top of my mouth felt like it was blistering.  I’d only had this reaction once before and it was while eating Welchade fruit snacks.

“These are Welchade freezies,” my husband pointed out.  Apparently Welchade uses an ingredient that I cannot tolerate.

Then yesterday, while scrubbing the bathroom walls, I felt and heard three pops in my left side.  Ric helped me to the bed and we immediately applied heat, but the damage was done.

Between the pain in my side, the lingering sores in my mouth, and an insect bite that wouldn’t stop itching all night, I have had little sleep.

We have two more days to get this house packed up before the movers come in and then the stagers and it’s listed.

No wonder I’m a mess.




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