House Hunting

“Fasten your seatbelt,” Ric told me fourteen years ago when I first agreed that we were a “couple”.  He wasn’t kidding.

We’ve barely just settled in after a six month journey across North America and now we are looking for a home.  We’ve narrowed it down to one of three.

Option1Option #1 is in a 55+ community about forty-five minutes from the city I have lived most of my life.  It is exactly 1/2 between two of our daughters, and granddaughters, so ideally located.  The town is what Ric calls “AVCT” – A very cute town, known for its stone cottages and with a river running through it.

“Very photogenic” I call it.

The house is slightly bigger than I wanted, with cathedral ceilings in the great room (kitchen, dining, and living area), two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It also has an attached garage, a full basement, and a large deck off the side of the house.  There is a small green area around the house and all lawn mowing and snow removal is covered in the maintenance package.  It is well within our budget.

The main street of the town has mostly boutique shops and restaurants, and the town hosts a guest inn.  There is also a quarry with public swimming, a Y, and a seniors’ friendship centre with indoor pool and lots of activities as well as the community’s clubhouse.

Option2Option #2 is an hour from both daughters,  and located in another small town, although not as cute.  It is clear that this town has seen some hardship as there are many empty storefronts along the main street.

This home is part of a townhouse complex, but very well done with all brick exteriors, concrete drives, attached garages, and open concept one-floor living that offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It is a bit smaller than option #1 and does not have a basement.  There is a concrete patio at the back and a fence divider to make the area private.  This is all new construction, so we can select whatever fits our taste.  The price falls at the bottom of our budget.

This community is also adult, offers full maintenance and a community clubhouse.  This option is 20 miles from several beaches.

KettlepointsunsetOption #3 we are going to see tomorrow.  It is an hour and a half from family, but set on a lake, just north of another cute town.  These are also new builds and the option that Ric likes has a sunroom in addition to what the others offer.  This home would stretch our budget.

Ric grew up on this lake, so I know where he is leaning.  While the appeal of water is undeniable, I am not thrilled to be so far from family (and civilization) although each option does have a hospital nearby.

Tomorrow we will make a decision and put in an offer.  I feel like we are living our own version of “House Hunters” without the cameras and commentary.

Which option will it be?

(Photos from personal collection.  Sunset photograph is credited to my husband, and taken on the lake in question.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

7 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Choices! Gotta weigh investment rankings with the harmony you and Ric will experience. And harmony is influenced by myriad variables, some difficult to put into words, let alone rank/weigh. So… trust your gut.
    In any of these choices, you also need a parking place for the RV, right?

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  2. My parents live an hour away from both me and my sister. When they first moved there, I lived only 15 minutes away. They built their dream retirement home on a nice piece of property and helped with my daughter before she entered kindergarten. Then I got divorced, moved, remarried, moved again.
    The area where their house is, the real estate market has collapsed. They will not be able to give that house away. I so wish they lived closer. They need more help now and the amenities and healthcare are better where I live (closer to civilization.) But getting them here is the trick.
    So while I understand the appeal of the lake house, if it were me, I’d go with option 1

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