VJWC Shift Response

I decided to shift my blogging practices this week, and it turned out to be just the remedy I needed to reduce stress and increase my readership.  Who knew?

I had read all those blogs about how important timing is for posting, and that consistency is key.  So I have tried to set my posts for early morning, and then would be faced with a slew of emails when I woke up. Stressed to respond to them all, I found I seldom could catch up enough to allow me to participate in daily prompts.

Alternating posting times not only meant that I could manage the incoming emails easier, it also gave me space to join in the daily challenges.

In addition, I gained new followers – four on the first day, when I posted a 2:00 p.m. instead of 6:00 a.m.  Which, in hindsight, only makes sense, given we are a global community.

Breaking out of our ruts, sometimes just takes a small shift.

How did you make out?

(VJWC first challenge is shift.  Check in Monday for the next challenge.  Hope you’ll join us.)


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