Reflections on Gathering

The forecast for last night was a frost warning.

“The rooftops were white this morning, did you see?” a neighbour asked me at our communal brunch.

I hadn’t noticed, but I am feeling it in my body.  Things are seizing up.

We’ve had a week of get-togethers, starting with Thanksgiving.  Tuesday, we drove into town to help our middle daughter with her two little ones, then Friday, another granddaughter was dropped off with us for the weekend.  A son and daughter-in-law came to take her out for the day Saturday, and we provided lunch and dinner.  Then today, we had our neighbourhood gathering.

“This time of the year seems to be the worst,” I moaned to my daughter when she came to retrieve Finn.  “I know my day’s are numbered, weather wise, and I want to get out and enjoy them, but my body is not cooperating.”

We are thinking more seriously about the winter months and getting away again.  Not so sure the budget is going to cooperate, plus there are a few things up in the air.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but some days it’s hard to garner the energy even for that.  This too shall pass.

While gathering for me inevitably leads to exhaustion, others experience it in different ways, as witnessed by this week’s contributions.

Sgeoil’s poem, October’s Gathering speaks to the magic of coming together “like October’s leaf piles”.

Proscenium and Heaven’s Sunshine connected gatherings to touristy places.

Culture Shocks talks about family gatherings and the power of getting together with others to make a difference.

 One Letter UP is gathering material for an interesting project.

The Bee Writes, not partaking of gatherings this week, turns her thoughts to birds, and the strange terminology associated with their habits.

Olga, at Stuff and what if…finds her fall gathering “wafting into memories of mother.”

Thank you, all, for participating and making my week.  I so look forward to our time shared here.

I’ll see you again tomorrow for a new challenge.


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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