Burnout: A Review

I first heard sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Brené Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. Wanting to know more, I ordered an audio version of their book Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking the Stress Cycle. As a woman, their words resonate from beginning to end.

Emily Nagoski, PhD and her twin sister, Amelia Nagoski, DMA, exam the role stress plays in the lives of women and offer down-to-earth, practical steps for coping. In the audio edition, read by both sisters, their personalities radiate. Through storytelling, humour, and science-based application, Burnout delivers a manual for navigating womanhood I wish I’d read years ago. I’ve recommended it to all my children.

Burnout is a step-by-step guide to recognizing, demystifying, and eliminating excess stress in your life. The authors include worksheets that ground their theories, and empower women to make the changes they need.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Clearly it is a heart project for the authors, who know of what they write. Their passion and commitment to help others radiates through every page.

(Reena’s Xploration challenge this week is burnout, which spurred this review. Featured image is borrowed from the Penguin House site.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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