Re-Focusing Attention

The past week has been very draining on many levels.  I know others have felt it, as well.  The surge of emotional and psychological upset has taken its toll on my physical well-being.  I spent the morning in bed, and part of the afternoon, and then, since the rain was holding off, I asked Ric to drive me to the falls.

“Leave me here for a bit.”

As soon as I pull out my camera, slip the strap over my neck and loosen the lens cap, I feel myself slip into a different zone – attention aimed at the beauty around me.

Mallard reachingThis day, I am greeted by movement in the long grasses that line the river just below where Ric has dropped me.  A pair of mallards are happily foraging, the white of the male’s feathers in stark contrast to the green of the grasses.  His mate is visible only in pieces – a glimpse of an eye, the spots of her earthen colouring.  I park the walker on the bridge that spans this part of the river and concentrate my lens on the couple.  They are totally absorbed in their task, oblivious to the traffic rolling above, or to a dog’s bark, or even the cries of the gulls in the distance.

I take a deep breath, lean over the rail, and feel my stress melting away.

At the falls, the usual collection of waterfowl has gathered.  Different from my last visit, the foliage has begun to take on autumn’s hues.  A heron stands mid falls – tall and erect – and just as I’m about to shoot him a horde of young girls come running and giggling along the path stopping abruptly in front of me.  The heron takes flight.

“Oh, sorry,” one of the girls offers, gesturing for her friends to move out of the way.

“No worries,” I say.   I can always come back.

A gang of boys arrive and soon I can no longer see the falls for gangly bodies, so I turn and make my way up a ramp towards the street.  From here I am able to get a panoramic shot.  This is the beauty of our new hometown.   I feel very blessed.

fallside perfectionThe crowds seem to diminish as I head back down the ramp towards the car where I spy Ric waiting.   I stop and turn my lens back towards the water.  Canada geese mingle with gulls, and a lone mallard.  I snap one last shot.OurO

There is perfection in nature.  And harmony.  And a rhythm that is reassuring.  Even when it storms.

Raindrops hit the ground as I slide my walker into the back of our vehicle.

Our timing has been impeccable.  I feel better.

Our focus this week has been attention.  The contributions have been inspiring, and informative. Please give them a visit:


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Willow Poetry


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See you tomorrow for a new challenge.


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

13 thoughts on “Re-Focusing Attention

  1. Beautiful post – I feel more at ease just reading about your photo-outing. (Dodging rain here today – but my outing was less exciting, just a between-showers drive to the P.O. to mail something I wanted to be sure stayed DRY! Still, the Labrador in the back seat clearly considered it an “outing” worthy ample tail wagging.)

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  2. sending you my best wishes VJ. I’ve been busy of late with builders and general life struggles and missed your words and pictures very much. Hoping to be around a little more now as the autumn draws me inside more than the summer pulled me out.

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  3. you wrote this so well (as you always) and I was thinking about you this weekend – still because of that encouraging comment you left me on my blog – hate to mention it again – but VJ – it really spoke to my soul…
    (you just reminded me labor will pay off with fruits – something like that)
    anyhow – sending good thoughts your way
    and this right here is one of my favorite quotes from you:

    There is perfection in nature.
    And harmony.
    And a rhythm that is reassuring.
    Even when it storms.

    maybe we can add
    “especially” when it storms…

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