Inspiration Evokes Stillness

Days slow down as physical challenges demand. I am so blessed to be in this place, water just steps from our door. The Great Blue Heron remains a constant companion. He is a master of stillness, a quality I have challenged myself to achieve this week.

I have brought out the paints again, as too much writing, I find, stirs me up inside. Painting requires a calming of the mind, invites a meditative focus. Much of what I produce is experimental, not worth sharing, but I do like how these two images turned out.

I read this week that even just looking at pictures of nature and birds helps to calm the system (my interpretation). Certainly this week’s entries have helped in my quest – so many beautiful images of stillness. Words, also, have proven to be a balm, as witnessed through the thoughtful and creative poems and writings. Thank you to all who have participated:

Sweet aroma

Cee’s Photography


Travel with Jack and Tech




Pictures without film

one letter UP


(Thanks for reblog)

Stuff and what if…


Wind Rush


Willow Poetry

Poetry for Healing

(Let me know if I’ve missed anyone, or a link is not working.)

See you tomorrow morning for a new challenge.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Evokes Stillness

  1. Interesting perspective on writing’s impact within writer. For me, it can arouse and it can settle … sometimes, it just bores, but I usually don’t continue in that mode long! The writing that settles me is usually in my journal, stream of conscious stuff that no one else could make sense of. When I’m channeling a message that wants to move outward from me (poem, story, letter) the writing does arouse … sometimes in an almost addictive manner. Thanks for this post, stirring my reflections. Here’s wishing you more contemplative time with your paints and your heron.

    Did you mean to include a couple of paintings in this post? I’m seeing only the heron (photo, right?)

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      1. I see them now! And they’re both delightful – I am impressed! Years back when I retired, I took a drawing class and thought I’d keep practicing till I could actually DRAW realistically. It didn’t happen, though I got better than my initial attempts. What I really wanted then (still) is to be able to draw (or paint) what’s in my head … no model to stare at … sigh.

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